If you have come to a crossroads in your life and you are seeking to fulfill your dreams, achieve specific goals, make a change in the way you eat or simply want to feel good and live in a way that is less stressful, Yoga Life Coaching offers you a very personalized support in bringing self-awareness and conscious living into everyday life; helping you to look within to find happiness and fulfillment.

We’ve all become so busy just making the wheels of our lives go around that we’ve become disconnected from what really matters and we can’t hear (or aren’t listening to) the divine guidance that’s always there for us, whispering the way to the meaningful, satisfying life experience we’re actually meant to have.

We all experience fear in our lives that keeps us from really going after our goals and what we want in life. But we can turn fear into power, allowing you to breakthrough limiting beliefs that have held you back in life. If your heart longs to live a more meaningful, purpose-driven life, a healthier life style. But, you feel trapped and taxed by the life you already have – unable to break free from your day-to-day responsibilities to create the life you truly want, whether it be in your relationships, your career or your body, Amalia Shakti  will address all aspects of your life and the beliefs that could be keeping you from being the best version of yourself. She will guide you to listen to your own iner wisdom so you can take the steps to create a better life and  return to your natural balance. 

Yoga Life Coaching is a service for emotionally healthy individuals who are not in need of "fixing" nor are they told what they should do. Each person is perceived as being whole and capable of finding their optimal course of action when they are guided through the process of self-observation, exploring alternative yogic perspectives, and making conscious choices for themselves. It is a very practical and empowering way to help individuals become attuned to their roles as co-creators in their lives with the Divine.

Yoga Life Coaching is about self-discovery. If you have any question or would like information about the one on one sessions with Amalia Shakti.