The Ama Deus method is spiritual healing energy aligned with a particular thought, that thought is LOVE. It is offered lovingly by the Universe as a tool to enhance our growth and awareness, and to support our physical and emotional healing.

In the recent past, the Guarani passed this healing energy on to a Brazilian man, Alberto Aguas, initiating him in their ancient ceremony and teaching him the sacred symbols that activate connection to the energy. He traveled the world sharing his unique gift of healing.

The Guarani have been using this way of healing for thousands of years. It is rooted in their belief that there is no "illness." In their view, everything is spirit, and outside forces cause imbalance. If the outside force or unwanted spirit or energy is removed; then the effect upon the physical body will be released and balance will be restored. To achieve healings, the Guarani applied knowledge of working with energy, knowing that the power was coming from a single greater Force. The Indians word for God and Love were interchangeable. It was the Love that was the Power, and they were the "channelers" or the transmitters of this healing energy.

The Indians recognized Alberto as a man of love and integrity, and a great channeler of energy. With the Indians' approval, Alberto began teaching their way of using Energy in a classroom setting for the last ten years of his life -- until his passing in 1992. It was his dedication to bring to the world the loving technique of the Guaranis Indians.

Elizabeth Cosmos,PhD was initiated into the knowledge of the Ama Deus method by Alberto Aguas in 1989. For the next three years she worked closely with Aguas, her teacher and friend. After he passed, Beth Cosmos continued healing and teaching in the manner Aguas learned from the Guarani.

Amalia Shakti had the honor of being initiated by Elizabeth Cosmos on Februay 2008 after training of the two levels of The Ama–Deus® method as taught by Alberto Aguas, in the manner he learned from the Guarani. She had been certified to acknowledge her ability to receive and channel this high-level energy by a ceremonial invocation that connects one to the flow of Ama Deus energy, using compassion to help others and to help alleviate their suffering.

While there are many techniques and systems of healing energies, there is only One Source. Thus there is only one Healer. No person heals another person as all healing is self-healing. Energy techniques are tools to aid and support in the healing process.

LOVE is the force that holds the Universe together. Love is the act that brings hearts to the truth. Love is the act of offering freedom to all souls to be what they are.

“I am deeply grateful to this energy that helps my clients to understand, recognize and changing what needs to be changed in order to make self-examination and emotional release” _ Amalia Shakti