Turning inwards can be intense. To best support you on that inward journey, Amalia Shakti  offers diverse yoga retreats and yoga travels in cooperation with select partners. Be it in Spain, in neighboring countries or in powerful places in Europe , Canada, America, Australia or in India, you will always remember this special time away and carry it in your heart for ever! 

In carefully choosen places for withdrawal from the world, you can expect an oasis of peace and space for reflection, combined with a lush atmosphere and delicious ayurvedic cuisine or tasty wholefood cooking. You will not only benefit from your body and mind gaining strength and relaxation through this intense yoga experience, but you will also witness a cleansing and pampering thanks to the delicate vegetarian nutrition.

Assisted by highly qualified partner  teachers, you will venture onto an outer and inner journey, which will support your yoga practice in a holistic way, not to mention regenerate your body and soul. This in turn, will lead to deep and long-lasting tranquility.

Let a Yoga Retreat infuse you with new strength and allow yourself to return to your daily (yoga) life, in complete harmony with yourself.