Meet Amalia Shakti

Amalia Shakti is an explorer of consciousness, Yoga Life Coach, Thai Yoga massage practitioner and  Inspirational speaker. She is a Teacher of a better way of life. She implements holistic health programmes, offer advice on body alighment, stress management, conscious nutrition and  mentoring on overcoming limitations and  creting a life style with purpose.

Raised in Madrid, Spain, she has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner and teacher for nearly two decades. She is certified through Yoga Alliance with ERYT500 and studied with many notable yoga teachers from all over the world. She holds multiple advanced certifications from the highly respected International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and Ashrams, where she has been part of the teacher’s staff during the international teachers training courses worldwide for ten years.

 Amalia’s education is vast. She completed her Economics bachelor degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid where she got a specialization in International Cooperation.

After several years of traveling, teaching and studying in India, Canada, Bahamas, Thailand, USA and Europe, Amalia Shakti, has realised that one of her greatest joys is to share what she loves most, Yoga and taking care of our health from an holistic perspective. She decided to commit fully to spread the benefits of yoga and conscious  lifestyle, promoting health and well-being through her work.  In her teachings classes and workshops, and in her therapies, Amalia combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern coaching lifestyle-improvement techniques to provide a unique perspective. She teaches yoga classes and workshops in English, Spanish and French. What makes Amalia unique is her vast knowledge and experience in treating people in her classes, workshops and in one on one sessions to achieve life changing results

In training to become a Therapist based on a humanistic approach, Amalia went to Montreal, where she lived during four years. She continued her education on Therapeutic Counselling at the IIIHS-SSF. She holds a Therapeutic Counselor diploma (Certificated in Spiritual & Psychics Sciences) awarded by The Board of Governors and Faculty of the International College of Spiritual & Psychic Sciences, which is a non-governmental organization affiliated with the United Nations. Amalia took Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda trainings at the Sivananda Yoga Centers in Montreal and the Sivananda Ashrams in Val Morin and Bahamas. She also became a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner at the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage School, where she was thought directly by Master Kam Thye Chow. Thai Yoga massage is a perfect treatment for optimal health along with Ama Deus Healing technique, a hands-on energy healing method derived from the 6,000-year-old sacred teachings of the Guarani Indians of the Amazon Rain Forest. She is also Reiki practitioner (Usui Liniage)

Amalia has been trained in  Silva Mind Control System that teaches how to rewire the subconscious and negative programing, discovering our true potential and achieve our goals and also has done intensive training with the Coach number 1 in the world, Anthony Robbins, who has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health counselling, public speaking engagements, and live events.

As a lifelong student and Health&fitness profesional, Amalia added to her skills a Pilates Teacher's Certification (450h)  from Ann McMillan, the absolute top of the field in integrated Pilates and related fitness training in Canada.

Amalia most creative expression is Dance. She has studied, taught and performed different forms of dance throughout her life in Europe, Asia and Canada. Her dream of blending both passions of Yoga and Dance came to fruition giving birth to Conscious Yoga Dance integrating movements from different regions and cultures with asanas and mudras which increase and transform one's life-force energy into greater inner power all synchronized with inspiring music, conscious breath and movement expressed in a creative and fluid way. One of her signature Conscious Yoga Dance workshop is an inspiring and uplifting experience where it is created  a safe space in which to feel, move, and breathe in complete awareness and freedom!

There is not only an intimate connection between yoga and dance. Amalia has experienced a great connection in between yoga and scuba diving. She spent half a year in Koh Tao island (Tailand) where she became a PADI Dive Master # 319846. Diving, is a meditative experience in deep connection with nature. Diving deep in the ocean is a way to look deep within, only hearing the sound of your breathing in a complete different and magical environment. The physical body becomes weightless, the mind is aware and calm and the breathing must to be serene so that’s where a yoga state appears.

Amalia continues to study from prominent researchers in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda , Pilates, Personal Development and Life Coaching. She has been multiple times in  India, recently in  Rudraprayag doing Shadana Intensive for the second time as a way to reconect to the source.  She knows that the best teachers are the ones that live what they teach. 

Amalia  is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to yoga. She has a great passion for this ancient Science and sharing its many benefits. Her teaching comes straight from her heart and her personal practice. For many years she has been developing techniques to teach people how to achieve integral health, inner peace and radiant vitality.

Amalia has led several Yoga and Life Coaching  programs in Europe and Canadá. She has shared the gifts of yoga with many dedicated students who have gone on to become amazing teachers and practitioners. Currently  she  teach regular clases, workshops and have  private consultations.  She  also lead yoga retreats  providing  health programs and holistic treatment plans using an aproach that encompases mind-body-spirit and emotions in order to create a purposeful life with deep conection to our inner-Self.

For those who have been fortunate to work with Amalia they quickly realize that she provides precise instruction, depth of knowledge of the yogic and life changing techniques, and a great understanding of the conditions that promote transformation. Her goal is to help the human being rediscover his full potential. Amalia remains committed to promote health and well-being through her work enhancing growth, fulfillement  and awareness.


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