You can practice Yoga with Amalia around the world at workshops, festivals, and conferences.

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             You can Join Amalia for her signature style:

  • Mantra and The Yoga: The  Power Sound

  • Conscious Yoga Dance: Breathe Move Feel Good dancing your Soul’s Dance

  • Prana & Pranayama: Unveiling the Sacred Science of the Breath

  • Think Positive and create the Live You want.

  • Essential Yoga Practice

  • Yoga Upside Down: Inversions in-love

  • Awareness & Lifestyle: real-life yoga philosophy

  • Meditation & Concentration: The Key to Success in Life.

  • Ayurveda. A guide to healthy living.

  • Yoga and Stress management

  • Easy steps to control the thoughts and emotions.

  • Asanas. How to improve the alignment of the body.

  • The diet according to yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Inner balance: Find peace of mind

  • Deepen Your Practice

    And MORE!